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We give you the latest, the trendiest, and the hottest when it comes to hair salon services, styling, and hair care products. D Rock Beauty Salon is a local name in the hair salon industry that delivers you international-class when it comes to helping you look your best through our stylists and trendsetters. We are the trusted brand in Watauga, Texas when it comes to caring, enhancing, and even re-inventing the natural beauty of your tresses. You will never go wrong whether you come to us looking for hair care solutions, or looking to change your outward look through our full line of salon services.

At D Rock Beauty Salon, we have the facilities to provide you with your perfect salon experience. With our comfortable seats, relaxing lights, shower rooms, and friendly staff, you will have all you need to spend a fun afternoon with your girl friends or to indulge yourself with some personal beauty time. Discover a new kind of salon experience today through D Rock Beauty Salon.